Cannabis is light starved plant, it can and will sustain accelerated growth if supplied with the right conditions, but first and foremost light then its supporting requisites (CO2, humidity, correct temperature, feed, and the list goes on). As light is the one factor leading the challenge, the best available light source, our sun is not constant source, with its light changing by date, weather and location. Therefore, the cannabis industry has being seeking other solution to support its sustainable and expected explosive growth. The other alternative, artificial light creates the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry sustainable growth. Directly, each watt of light produced has a cost, but worst, each watt produced creates a chain of indirect costs,  the heat generated by each light source requires cooling systems, these systems create havoc on the natural humidity conditions, in turn requiring better humidity controls, both humidifiers and de-humidifiers, all requiring air handling and filtration and the list goes on to produce a monster of energy consumption, while and that’s important to bear in mind, producing a lesser product, as sun grown cannabis, is still considered to be better, although that gap is narrowing with time. Our Technology: Our core patent offers the operation of a field of dual-sided panels mounted on solar trackers. The one side, a mirror (Heliostat) guiding natural light through the solar reflecting tower to the plants, the second side, a PV panel producing clean power. As solar radiation changes seasonally and hourly, the dual-sided tracker solution allows our software, based on our Heliostat/PV ratio algorithm, to optimize the growth potential of the plant while using any surplus solar radiation to produce clean power.
What do we offer? Cannpany offers a new generation of cultivation facilities that increase revenues and reduces operating costs. Our C3 (Cannpany Cultivation Center) offers:
  • Direct Savings for each watt of light supplied through the day
  • Indirect Savings (partial list):
    • ­­Cooling Load – For watt of light saved
    • Heating Load – Cold climate
    • Lower Capital Expenses
  • Returns – Grid buy or direct use, each PV generated Watt has value
  • Higher quality cannabis equals higher value for money for each pound harvested

Higher yield per area, more product for every crop